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We are moving

We are a very young blog, but we have come a long way in the last few days and it is time to move on to bigger and better things. So we got our agent to circulate rumours that we were unhappy and looking for a transfer, and he has come up trumps.

We would be delighted if you would join us at www.offthepost.info. We are still getting settled in there, but we will be scoring screamers and kissing the badge in no time.





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Jimmy Bullard farts and laughs his way through interview

He may be England’s saviour, but he is a smelly saviour! Here is Bullard in his Peterborough days attempting to conduct an interview. Unfortunately, he happens to let rip shortly before the first question and the interview descends into farts farce.

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Daily Mirror Football Spy Darren Lewis in a bunny costume

Mirror hack rabbiting on

It seems Robinho’s move to Manchester City surprised even the most insider of football insiders. The Mirror’s so-called Football Spy Darren Lewis vowed on transfer deadline day that if the pint-sized Brazilian didn’t join Chelsea he would prevent the following day’s video in a bunny outfit. Oops!

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Jose Mourinho and Sven Goran Eriksson on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Champions raise money for the Berbatov appeal

The latest instalment of the hilarious You’re On Setanta Sports show with the Jose Mourinho puppet.

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Football videos: Mike Ashley downs his pint at the Emirates

Chug, chug, chug

To be fair, Newcastle’s performance was enough to drive anyone to drink. The Newcastle chairman is now facing possible police action and a football banning order for breaking the rules about drinking alcohol within view of the playing surface. In his defence, a spokesman for Ashley claimed he was “offered a drink which he thought was non-alcoholic so he took it in good faith”. That reminds of the time we were offered a cigarette behind the bike shed at school and took it in good faith believing that it was one of those joke ones… Likely story, Mike.


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Football video: David Bentley loves to be on TV

Football player in big ego shocker

David Bentley has not left himself a leg to stand on if he ever fancies a moan about media intrusion in the future. Here he is dancing around like a prat during a Sky Sports News broadcast. He looks like one of those cretins who used to pop up behind Richard and Judy from time to time on This Morning!
[Spotted on The Beautiful Game]

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Football video: Paul Scholes and his Hand of God

The Ginger Maradona scores with his hand… nearly

Quiet, unassuming Paul Scholes flexed his ego in the European Super Cup final with his own version of the Hand of God. Unfortunately, Scholes’ volleyball-esque goal would have been chalked off by even the most short-sighted of match officials. And because it was deliberate handball he got booked, which was his second booking of the match. He will now miss a Champions League group game, which has probably got him (and Fergie) thinking that it was not worthwhile.

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