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Manchester City’s formation for February


The old 1-1-3-5

From information leaking out of Manchester City about their new owners’ transfer targets, The Spoiler has cleverly summised Manchester City’s future formation. It looks a bit defensive on the right-flank, if you ask us! Although the Dracula-esque keeper might be a bit dodgy with crosses. Ho-ho!


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Daily Mirror Football Spy Darren Lewis in a bunny costume

Mirror hack rabbiting on

It seems Robinho’s move to Manchester City surprised even the most insider of football insiders. The Mirror’s so-called Football Spy Darren Lewis vowed on transfer deadline day that if the pint-sized Brazilian didn’t join Chelsea he would prevent the following day’s video in a bunny outfit. Oops!

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Dimitar Berbatov’s Manchester City contract

The Spoiler has got a hilarious spoof of Dimitar Berbatov’s Manchester City contract. Click here to see it in full.

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Dimitar Berbatov to Manchester City

That’ll teach the miserable Bulgar!

Surely not? As if calling themselves United wasn’t going to wind-up Red Devils fans enough, Manchester City’s new owners are now set to pip their city rivals to the signing of Dimitar Berbatov. City have had a ¬£30 million bid for the long-term United target accepted, although the Bulgarian is believed to still be in talks with both Manchester clubs.

City manager Mark Hughes said: “”I’m stunned and excited. Both myself and the fans are very excited by what’s going on. There have been a lot of disruptions and negative publicity but that’s been put to the side in one fell swoop.”
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A name change for Manchester City? Come on, Abu Dhabi United

The Blues new owners pick unfortunate name

Surely even the most ignorant of Premier League observers would¬†know that if you are going to take over Manchester City you don’t have anything to do with the word ‘United’. Apparently not. City’s new owners are none other than Abu Dhabi United. The man behind the (slightly dodgy name) is Dr Sulaiman Al Fahim and here he is with his United/City shirt.
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