Tiago locks Juventus president in toilet to avoid signing for Everton

I don’t know if Everton fans should be embarrassed to read this or relieved that at least David Moyes and Bill Kenwright are trying to sign new players. Unfortunately, their bid for Juventus midfielder Tiago literally went down the pan when the midfielder locked club president Cobolli Gigli in the toilet to avoid being sold. The Portuguese players was so furious with Juve’s attempts to flog him to Goodison Park that he locked his boss in the loo. The toilet-bound president only secured his freedom an hour later when Alessandro Del Piero came to his rescue!

Gigli said: “The story of me being locked in the toilet by Tiago is true. It’s a shame it got out, as this was something I told a friend in confidence. In any case, Alessandro Del Piero responded to the noise of me punching the door and offered to break it down. I told him it was better if someone else did it, as he needed to keep his shoulders in good shape for the Fiorentina game.”


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